The best and most popular 10 games for Android for the year 2022-2023

This question comes to the mind of many people about what are the best games that currently exist for Android, and this is due to the presence of a huge amount of games on the Google Play Store. If you plan to enter the Google Play Store and search for a game, you will certainly face great difficulty in choosing a game. If you are like this, then you are in the right place, because you will not come out of this article unless you are happy, God willing.

1. PUBG Mobile:

Surely you have heard about the game PUBG Mobile, as it is one of the best games currently available on phones, tablets, computers, and even PlayStation and Xbox, and the popularity of this game is due to its high graphics and realism. The story of the game revolves around 100 people who are on an island competing with each other, and their number begins to decrease with the island’s size gradually shrinking due to something known as the zone, so that the matter becomes more difficult until the player or the team consisting of two or four players wins. That is why the Peggy Mobile game deserves to be the first in this list:

2. The ghost:

The ghost game, which means the ghost, is one of the most terrifying games on the mobile phone, and this game is specially designed for fans of horror and thriller games. The events of this game take place in an abandoned hospital inhabited by ghosts, and you and some players are trapped inside the hospital. To win this game, you have to get rid of the ghosts, and not only that, but there are puzzles inside the game that you have to solve so that you can get out of the building and win.

3. Truck Simulator:

Truck Simulator is one of the best truck simulation games, if not the best. The game is a truck loaded with goods, your task in this game is to deliver these goods to the place specified in the map, and while driving you must be very careful not to collide with anything, and pay attention to the fuel level, the game in general is very entertaining, especially for fans of simulation games.

4. Clash Of Clans:

Clash of Clans is one of the most popular strategy games on the Play Store. The game is about a group of players who form communities called clans, where players launch an attack on other players through forces that are trained, with gems and gold, and you can buy workers and builders in order to expand and develop yourself in the game, the game in general is very fun, especially for lovers of strategy games .

5. Asphalt 9:

The Asphalt 9 game is one of the most popular games for fans of racing games because of the powerful graphics and graphics in the game. The game contains a very large group of racing cars with the ability to modify your car. The game is available on the Google Play Store. If you are a fan of racing games, then this game should be among your first choices.

6. e football 2023:

If you are a fan of soccer games, then it is certain that it will be the game e foot ball 2023, or at least you have heard about it. The game is designed by Konami, which is rich in definition, the game offers a very enjoyable experience and gives you a high ability to control the players in a wonderful way, and the game also provides the ability to create your own team made up of players according to your choice, of course you must have won or bought the player until You may put in your team. The game also offers a lot of bonuses and prizes when you register for the first time. In general, this game is considered one of the best football games.

7. Plants VS Zombies:

Among all the games that we have explained, Plant's vs Zombie occupies a high position for many people and is considered one of the best games on Android and PC, because of the fun it provides. The story of the game in short is that you create an army of plants to protect your home from zombies that want to break into it. The game contains 11 different maps. The game has been downloaded to the Google Play Store more than 100 million times.

8. Free Fire:

The Free Fire game is considered one of the best and most famous games on Google Play, the game is very similar to the game of Peggy Mobile with minor differences, the map in Free Fire contains 50 players, unlike Peggy Mobile, which contains 100 players in the map, and in Free Fire you need It only takes 15 minutes to get rid of all enemies, unlike Peggy Mobile, which needs 30 minutes. The game has become very popular, and the number of downloads from the Google Play Store has reached 500 million downloads. Also, the game does not need a powerful device to run it, and this is what distinguishes it the most.

9. Stumble Guys:

Stumble Guys is a very fun game full of adventure and suspense, inspired by the game full guys on PC. One of the great things about the game is that you can play with friends and make a room in which up to 32 people can compete for first place, and win coins to buy new characters. The game has a lot of maps that are randomly selected by the game. In general, the game is very nice, especially if you want to play it with friends or family.

10. Shadow Fight 2:

Finally, shadow fight 2 is one of the most exciting games on Android, which provides a unique classic competitive experience, and the game contains many wonderful tools that you can buy with the gold coins that you collect in battles. In every battle you win, the game becomes more and more difficult until you finally face the strongest character in the game, which is Titan. The game offers a unique experience due to 3D technology, unlike all competing games that come with 2D technology. The game is very beautiful for lovers of individual and classic competition.